Support Contracts: Comprehensive Outsourced IT

Outsourcing your IT is often one of the biggest decisions a company can make, whether
your company is small or large it will make an impact in either a positive or negative way.
NITC specialise in making it a positive decision for your business.

NITC make it a goal to ensure your IT needs are looked after in a professional, effective and
innovative way. NITC offer a range of different contracts which help all businesses with their
IT requirements. This can be as little as a pay as you go scheme through to fully outsourced
onsite fixed support solution. We believe heavily in customising each contract to each
customer as every single business has its own specific requirements.

Many businesses in today’s climate are looking for a solution to expensive in-house IT
support. Outsourcing has become that solution; however it could cost your company more
time and money should you not make the right choice about the support you receive.

The increasing power and complexity of hardware, software and IT networks can be time
consuming and complex for small businesses, the solution is often to engage a skill set much
broader than is often possessed in-house.

NITC provide a wealth of experience and knowledge across the whole IT sector meaning
you will always be able to get the support and level of service you require. NITC are a single
solution provider and therefore the need to get other third parties involved is removed. NITC
allocate a single point of contact for all your support and hardware requirements making it
easier and more cost effective.