Services: Voice Over IP Telephony

Any business in 2013 has high expectations of its phone system because it is so important to the success of the business. These days however, telephony is just one of several communications channels available.
NITC Partner with Hostcomm who has a set of telephony products that are designed to fit your business perfectly and fulfil yours and your customers demands. Here are some of the benefits:

Work anywhere with Mobility
SIP VoIP apps can be installed onto your iPhone or Android allowing you to connect to the main system via Wi-Fi or 4G. This allows you can experience office features such as voip calls, video, follow me, voicemail, presence, line status, buddy lists, chat, centralised billing, faxes, hold, transfer on your smart phone.

Improved customer service with contact centre features
Inbound calls from your clients and suppliers can be handled professionally with features such as interactive voice response (IVR), queueing, hunt groups, time of day routing, agent log in log out, auto attendant.

Call Recording
For training or compliance purposes our service supports call recording of all inbound and outbound calls which are stored on a web portal with a searchable directory.

Quick and easy Conferencing
Add-hoc conferences can be set up in seconds and if you need a scheduled conference, you can organise one online from the portal. Particpants will be emailed the conference details.

Business Process Automation
Using the application programming interface of the UC system and CRM database you can automate business processes like click to dial,screen pop client records, automate workflow process, automatically send SMS texts, emails and add follow up times that can be called automatically.

Increased client satisfaction with CRM
NITC can provide a powerful multi-channel CRM system that will hep you to automate business processes to reduce cost and improve customer service. The CRM system can be used by any type of business and will integrate with our UC products to provide click-to-dial, screen pops, auto dialling, SMS messages and API functionality.

Reduce costs with PBX VoIP
Reduce the cost of your corporate communications and enable mobility with SIP VoIP which allows features such as hold, transfer, voicemail, conferencing, hunt groups and everything else you would expect to have listed under “PBX features”.

Improved Communications with multi-channel contact
Multi-channel contact is the handling of multi-media communication methods such as email, SMS, VoIP, video, chat, Twitter messages, web forms and Facebook using a unified queue which is logged into by a team of people. The queue ensures that regardless of channel or media type the enquiries are handled to the same level of service each time. This is ideally suited to a sales or support contact centre.

The benefits of a hosted pbx service from Hostcomm are as follows:

  • Ensure that you are communicating effectively and meeting the expectations of today’s multi channel clients.
  • Increase your staff productivity by eradicating unecessary administrational processes allowing them to focus on their primary objectivees.
  • Improve your customer service and growth rates by automating business processes thus handling increased demand better.
  • Reduce operational overheads like office space and travelling costs by facilitating mobility.
  • Reduce costs associated with ISDN lines and PBX equipment by adopting a hosted service.
  • Maintain a constantly professional image across any communications channel.

Full feature list from ÂŁ6.99 per user per month: Sign up Today HERE

Client phone features:-
Call forward, hold, park, pickup
Call Now call-back button for email & web sites
Call transfer (blind, assisted)
Call screening
Call routing
Call waiting
Call forking to 2nd, 3rd, 4th phone
Find me follow me
Smartphone integration
Intercom and paging
Ad-hoc conferencing
Unified messaging
Tannoy system
Feature codes
Web portal for call settings
Call reporting
IM and presence support
FAX to email
Call-Me-Back for low cost international calls
Customisable voice prompts
Time of day routing
DID numbers
Outound call rules
Caller ID control
SIP phone and softphone support

System features:-
Call recording (always on / on demand)
Call recording searchable web database
Call queueing
Local queue agent
Remote queue agent (via PSTN)
Hunt groups
Auto attendant  Interactive voice response (IVR)
Call API control
Multi-party conferencing rooms
Instant messaging with Jabber
Live call monitoring
Sound database for voice prompts, moh
Advanced call reporting
Click to dial from CRM
Group voicemail
Calling cards
Prepaid / postpaid billing

Admin features:-
Web admin interface
Tiered permissions
Multi-level web access
Brandable web portal
Call reporting
Number porting
Auto-provisioning of extensions
API control using soap