Services: Network Management

Proactive network management is designed not only to support business IT networks but also
to anticipate and pre-empt any problems that may occur. As nearly every customer’s
network varies, so do their needs. We identify critical areas to help maintain system
performance and uptime.

Our Network Management Services Include:

Regular network management and administration
Regular site visits for health check
Regular off-site server maintenance
Regular proactive meetings to assess new IT needs and the cost effectiveness
of existing systems.

After an initial system review and assessment of customer requirements NITC will schedule a
network engineer to visit on a regular basis. In the course of a normal day the engineer will
conduct all necessary checks and fix any minor problems that may have arisen during the
intervening period. Most importantly, our engineers review the general IT
requirement and ensure the network fits with the longer term business IT strategy. Identifying
any potential future problems which need to be managed in advance.