Services: IP CCTV

As we are experts in networking it was very easy for NITC to take the step into IP CCTV. What is IP CCTV? Well conventional CCTV is run through analogue copper cables which rely upon single feed signals to view and control cameras. In the past this has been reliable although people have changed the way they wish to view CCTV. With IP CCTV we connect through a standard CAT 5 network allowing cameras to be viewable over an internal network either to single cameras or to a IP based network video recorder (NVR). With the event of High speed broadband you can also manage your business from home or any location even using your mobile phone using a simple web app. We customise the solution around your requirements and have been involved in installing some of the most complex business installations through to high tech home installs for added security. Because of the quality improvements and resolutions in HD or higher you are now able to gain more useful information from your CCTV such as numbers plates and other finer details.

NITC work with Xvision Products and have done since the start of the company. They have proven to be innovators in IP CCTV with a very stable and reliable product. You will be able to stream to any NVR,PC,MAC and even Android\Apple mobiles. We can also customise and build these products into digital signage, Video walls and also touch screen display systems.